Tired Of Losing Big Bucks Promoting With PPC?

"Let me give you the secrets of
Fearless Affiliate Marketing!
I promise you the ability to walk into any niche...
identify highly profitable programs
(complete with EXACT keywords)
so you can implement with total
confidence, certainty and ease"


American Computer Scientist and PPC Marketing
Expert Cracks The Code With Advanced Algorithm and
Runs On 36 Dedicated Servers…Eliminates Most
Testing and Shortcuts The Process To Pulling Profits.


UnderCoverProfits is no longer available. When we realized that UnderCoverProfits was no longer the best Adwords spy tool, it became time to stop selling it. Currently the best Adwords spy tool is AdSpy Elite. We fully endorse it as the best spy tool available today.


Chris X, Author of Day Job Killer, said in a private email:

"I first heard about Undercover Profits several months before launch, back when John was still deciding whether he really wanted to release this to the public. I think he'll agree that I was pushing fairly hard for him to get it out there. Part of John's problem back then was that they were making a hell of a lot of cash from keeping it to themselves, so why would he want to make it public? He relented and I am very glad he did - the affiliate / Adwords community needs this one...

As an affiliate who spends six figures / year on Adwords, I knew from the start - UCP is genius. In a nutshell, UCP locates Adwords campaigns that affiliates have been running for an extended period of time. So, effectively, you chuck a load of keywords into UCP and the software returns a bunch of profitable ads that you can then copy and profit from. There's nothing else to say. I expect every copy to dissapear in double time. My advice: any serious affiliate who uses PPC needs this..."

Chris X - author "Day Job Killer", "Affiliate Project X", "Adwords Miracle"

Dear Struggling Marketer,


In your heart, you know there must be a better way: An effective way to locate affiliate programs that convert into sales... shortcut the complicated testing needed to find keywords that pay… and unlocks the secret of writing high converting AdWords ads.


But the various tools that promised to solve the problem not only fail you, they also cost you twice! First, you pay for the tool, then you pay for the fall out… as you throw perfectly good money down the PPC sink-hole of no returns.


And even with a system for testing in place, it’s a long haul toward turning your marketing into the “virtual ATM” you were promised.


I’m here to give you that better way:An astonishing, proven in the field breakthrough in pay per click marketing that’s eliminating the long hours spent in frustration, confusion and despair.


I hope you’re ready – because you’re about to personally experience a true blueprint that slices the time, effort and energy it takes to join the ranks of the elite marketers who dominate the scene.


How Does UnderCover Profits Differ From The Rich Jerk's X-Ray Software?


Where Does the Testing Money Come From?
 Your MoneyOther People's Money
Xray Domination 
UnderCover Profits 

People are flooding my inbox with this question, so let’s put it to rest once and for all.

RJ X-Ray Software works after you set up your campaign. That’s important because with X-Ray Software, you’re testing on your own dollars. Sure, it helps speed up the process, but it still puts your money at risk in the testing process.

Not to mention X-Ray Software doesn’t address the biggest problem faced by affiliate marketers: identifying profitable affiliate programs before setting up your campaign.

UnderCover Profits is different. First off, you use it before setting up your campaign. That way, all you do is copy and paste winning campaigns into your account AFTER our system does the dirty work. You aren’t putting you money at risk; but actually leveraging other people’s testing and money!

I’m John Jonas, computer scientist and fellow affiliate marketer, and this urgent message is being sent to alert you to a truly groundbreaking automated tool created exclusively for affiliate marketers – a breakthrough that may well be one of the single greatest advances in PPC advertising since the AdWords system was created.


When you monitor selected keywords, not only do you see the affiliate program data connected to them, you  know how consistently they are advertised, and the EXACT ads used to get high click through rates… all of the building blocks you can clone to get in the profit zone!   


After more than 6 years as an elite computer scientist and five years in affiliate marketing, it has become clear – when you put these secrets to work for you, the profits begin almost immediately.


Affiliate Marketing Explosion


No doubt, you already know that affiliate marketing is the easiest way to get started making money online.


You don’t need to spend time creating your own products. You don’t need a website to get started, just an ad. And you don’t need to have an email list because AdWords sends you the targeted traffic you need.


Most likely, you acquired the information it takes to learn the process. Click Flipping, Google Cash, it’s all the same concept. The authors of these programs have shown you the facts… affiliate marketing is hot, right? It produces 6.5 billion dollars in commissions annually (as estimated by expert Anne Holland of MarketingSherpa).


The concepts are easy; locate affiliate programs, research relevant keywords, then construct a Google AdWords campaign, write the ads, and you’re on easy street…


But if you’ve been implementing the strategies, you may have noticed it takes work to hit the sweet spot.


  • Finding high converting affiliate programs is hit and miss, it’s nearly impossible to get the conversion statistics from the program owners because they desperately want people to promote their products. (Who wants to say…”yeah, my page converts at half a percent?”)
  • Narrowing down keyword lists so you’re only advertising on PROFITABLE keywords is a drawn out process of trial and error that sucks away the easy profits you thought you would enjoy from day one.
  • Writing short but sweet AdWords ads that convert into traffic (and ultimately sales) is more difficult than advertised, and it costs time and money because of all of the testing you need to do to get it right.


Are you with me so far?


So I’m sure you would agree that while these marketers are being completely true about how simple the concepts are… they aren’t being truly complete when it comes to implementation.


The way they look at it is they can lead a horse to water, but they can’t make it drink! In other words, they can teach you the concepts, but since most people will only buy a “magic pill” they avoid doing all of the toil it takes to turn the process into profits.


Let me tell you the two toughest things about making money with Adwords and affiliate marketing - finding the right products to promote and the best keywords to promote them with.

Problem solved:

Undercover Profits is like putting a rifle in the hands of a sniper - lethal. Anyone using this software can now EASILY know the most profitable affiliate programs to promote and the keyword phrases to use that make money.

That means two really big things - you can now get into niches you know little about and start making money fast - and you can stop wasting money on campaigns destined to be losers.

Big money maker plus big money saver = a real winner. Thank you John Jonas.

.X. - The Black Book DVDs, Adwords Black Book (http://www.blackbookdvds.com)

Cold, hard reality isn’t an easy sell; so many folks only hear what they want to hear.


So, Do You Give Up On The Dream…

And Hunker Down For Another 20… 30 Years of

Working Your Day Job?


Affiliate marketing isn’t going anywhere but up. Each month, thousands of newbie marketers join the fray. Fueled by the lure of easy money, freedom and independence, anyone with a desire to get free from their corporate job - or just make a few extra bucks on the side - people are flocking to affiliate marketing.


Interestingly, only five percent of budding online marketers make consistent money (according to Ewen Chia, one of the worlds top affiliate marketers). With so much competition coming online each month… it’s getting harder and harder to make it.


But, there’s good news. The rising tide of affiliate marketing brings up all ships. The number of people making consistent money online grows by the day, sure it’s still 5%, but the population of that group is growing.


And I believe the people with the most desire to make it surely will.


The Art and Science of Affiliate Marketing


Here’s why so many people fail to meet their profit objectives. They focus on the science of the marketing… but they ignore the art.


Let me explain.


We’ve learned to trust science since elementary school. Science is comforting because its principals can be proven. And as human beings, we relate strongly to proof. Proof shows us that a process is repeatable. And if it’s repeatable, we know we can get similar results… as long as we follow the process, right?


The science of affiliate marketing is well taught. If you own Perry Marshalls Definitive Guide to Google AdWords (or any similar program) you’ve been exposed to the step-by-step procedures that make up the science. It’s the “how-to” information that gets you started.


If affiliate marketing was all science… it would be easy. But the wall most people hit when they get started is… where the science collides with the art.


The art of affiliate marketing is the most difficult part to master. It’s crawling into the heads of your target market, it’s being nimble, it’s writing persuasive ads and more.


When most new marketers bump up against the art, they get frustrated, they procrastinate and as a result, they end up throwing their dreams away and dropping out of marketing completely.


That’s why I decided to leverage my years as a computer scientist and marketer and create a tool that would truly turn the art of Google Cash into a science you could use to profit again and again.


How A Small Server Farm And Two Years
of Programming Made It Possible


I came to Internet Marketing with an information technology background. After graduation from BYU with a degree in Computer Science, I took a lucrative software engineering job. But I learned very quickly that “working for the man” wasn’t the right fit for me. So I started learning how to make money online.


In case you’ve never heard of me, I’ve got a reputation of being a mixture of rebel computer scientist and consumer advocate for internet marketing products. My popular blog “What’s Crap and What’s Not” has gotten me in hot water with many of the so called Gurus… because I tell it like it is.


I’ve exposed my fair share of products that don’t live up to their promises. I’ve exposed several pieces of software as farces because it’s not possible to do what the marketers say it can do. My background as a computer scientist gives me unique insight as to what can be done with technology… and what can’t.


The reason I’m telling you this is because I buy lots of internet marketing products. I like to stay on top of the latest trends and shortcuts available. But nothing gets me angrier than lies and deceit. Sure, I’m on a few people’s hit lists because of it, but I’m committed to honest marketing. I’m also one of the few marketers with the computer science background to keep people honest when it comes to technology.


What does that mean to you?


Well, since I have a target on my back, I can’t make false claims and lie in my salesletters because I’ll be eating some serious crow. (The irony is, if you do your homework and create products that solve specific problems, there’s no need to be dishonest.)


I started doing pay per click marketing 3 years ago. AdWords was a great platform, and any marketer with the patience to test could get fast, relevant traffic almost instantly.


All of the testing never bothered me. (After all, I’m a scientist at heart.) The problems I had were finding affiliate programs that sold strongly, keeping my account filled with profitable keywords (yeah, only the ones that produce SALES!) and writing ads that got results as fast as possible.


I was reading a book that talked about a theory of being able to “see” what affiliate programs were making money utilizing pay per click… and which were not.


So I decided to test the theory and create an automated solution… just for my own use.


Over the next two years I wrote the code, tested and tweaked.


I’ll spare you the complicated details, but it wasn’t easy. By the time I was happy it worked properly…I had 36 dedicated servers in 5 different data centers grinding out the data collection… and what I was getting was pure gold… because I discovered how to get the most profitable information in affiliate marketing…


After seeing the results, and looking at the size of the market, I decided to share it with a small, but exclusive group. So I released it to a small beta-testing group. These were people just like you, they knew the principles, they had the mentoring, yet profits still eluded them.


The results were staggering.


Now you can have the full story of the “pathways to profit” that can bring you $331.42 after subtracting advertising costs in a single day… that’s $120,986.30 a year in NET PROFIT… in your spare time.


If you doubt the math, read this note from a current beta-user:




It’s now 11:00 pm on the same day that I started writing this note to you.  That’s about 14 hours later than when I finished it.  My earnings are now up to $906.88 on a PPC spend of $575.46.  I had a very big day today!”



Craig Cowman



$906.88 – $575.46= $331.42… in a day… (actually, just a few hours!)


Now, I know some people will do better, and some will do worse.  But the fact remains… it’s a very exciting story because it reveals everything you need to know about promoting affiliate programs on Google and gets them paying off in the shortest time possible!


The Proven Affiliate Programs and the



Does this make sense to you?


Do you understand what this means to you?


It’s like giving you the keys to the armored truck… and the driver to boot!


Listen, if you’re like a lot of internet marketers, you’ve learned affiliate marketing techniques. But let me ask you something, even with the best training, from the top affiliate marketing gurus, are you making real money yet?


If not, chances are, it’s not even your fault.


That’s because there is a missing link between what you know, and the real world data that accelerates your success.


Undercover Profits IS that missing link… because now you can zero-in on proven affiliate programs, keywords and advertisements.


Obviously, you already know how valuable that information would be. Certainly you’ve seen tools that didn’t live up to their promises too. Read just a little more, and I’ll prove this is the real deal.


Let me show you exactly how this works… (but, I can’t tell you HOW because I have to keep certain trade secrets away from the unscrupulous marketers who will want to COPY me.)


First, grab some keywords and copy and paste them into your Undercover Profits account. Name the list so you remember what niche it’s for.




Keep inserting more keywords until you are now monitoring hundreds, to thousands of keywords.


Then, just set it and forget it… for a short while anyway.  Undercover Profits does the rest.


It monitors what affiliate programs are being consistently advertised on any given keyword. Take a look at a sample of some real data, never seen before.





In this example, the number of days monitored is 30. And you see, the number of ads for the keyword “acoustic guitar” is 6.


Let’s drill down and see one of the ads.



Check it out, you get the actual ad… the url, the number of times the ad showed up (4), the number of days it was monitored (30), and the average placement of the ad (6.5).


Is it profitable? I don’t think you’ll retire on this program, only 4 ads served in 30 days. Not a good sign.


Why did I show you that?


Good question.


Think about it. Why spend all of that time and effort promoting a program with little chance of being profitable?


I’m sure you’ve read that if you’re going to fail…fail fast. In this case, you can avoid failing on this program.


Now you can easily side-step the frustration and time it would take to find this information out the hard way. Too many folks are out there promoting programs that don’t make money! That’s why the drop out rate in internet marketing is so high.


And that is one of the beauties of the Undercover Profits system; you’ll see with your own eyes what is working… and even more importantly… what’s not.


So, let’s continue to look for something more profitable.


Let’s take a look behind the “american idol audition” keyword.




Now we’re talking! 30 ads over 30 days at an average position of 2.07! Looks like we hit pay dirt! That kind of consistency is a reliable indicator that the ad, the keyword and the affiliate program is making someone money!


Now, all you need to do is promote this program with this keyword and wait for the windfall. But chances are… there are many other keywords that are profitable for this same program.


You’ll find them with Undercover Profits… and you’ll avoid the money wasting keywords too!




It’s Like Taking Candy From A Baby!


OK. By now, you must be asking if this is legal… even ethical.


Let me explain


Yes on both counts. Because this information is publicly available, it’s not stealing (even though it may feel like it …)


If you had the time and energy to keep track of keyword searches on Google, you could get the same information…. just be prepared to spend grueling hours putting in keywords one by one, tracking the results and copying the ads. You could hire someone full time to do this, but you’ll need to keep at it every single day.


The point is… it’s difficult and extremely time consuming to do research like this yourself.


And don’t you think you’d be better off using that time implementing? Locating other cash-rich niches? After all, that’s what pays the bills, right?


What’s The Downside?


OK, I know what you’re thinking… by now you must be wondering if Undercover Profits is too good to be true. With all that upsidethere has do be a hitch somewhere.


I’m going to level with you.


Undercover Profits is the only tool you’ll find that makes it easy to find the profitable affiliate programs, the winning keywords, and the high performing ads… that’s for sure.


But there is one shortcoming… it takes 24 hours to get ANY results from your keywords. And… the longer you monitor and tighten up your keyword list, the more certainty you’ll have they are profitable.


You see, there are marketers testing ads and keywords… and if they aren’t producing results, they cut their losses. Those ads don’t show up for long… but you’ll still see them.


Here’s what this means to you… Undercover Profits doesn’t give you instant data that you can bank on. You need to be patient and wait to see results after a month. If you get too hasty, you may be getting excited about someone else’s testing that may not pan out.


It takes a little time to transform marketing art into marketing science. Simple as that.


That’s why you need to wait to get the most reliable data possible. Once you sign up, I’ll give you step-by-step instructions so you’ll maximize opportunities and minimize costly mistakes.


No More Guesswork!


  • Discover the PROVEN pathways to profit and finally uncover super-lucrative affiliate programs that churn out cash 24/7
  • Quit burning money on keywords that don’t produce profits and ultimately make campaigns losing propositions
  • No more trial and error, no more experimenting, no more hunches… you get hot, actionable data you can trust
  • Model high click through ads that are proven to attract buyers like bees to honey
  • Find flush, hungry mobs in markets you never dreamed could be so rewarding… and experience the thrill of making money by solving peoples problems
  • Save hours, days, even months of frustrating “in the trenches” research… and use that time building your income and freedom!


What Do The Pros Say About
Undercover Profits?






Now you went and did it!

For months my Click Flipping customers have been sorting through the haystack to find the needle (Profit Pathways) and the only complaint I get is how can I find more Profit Pathways faster, and How do I know what to test?

You just created the "Easy" button!

The first time I logged in to the beta account I knew this was something every one of my customers had to have!

But to be honest, I wanted to talk you out of releasing it to the rest of the IM world!

Now it's like stealing candy from a baby and creating new Profit Pathways is now as easy as cut, copy, paste, wait a few days, then Copy Paste and Profit!

Any affiliate marketer that attempts to earn a living online without your product is about to be crushed!

I still like the Code Name Undercover Profits, because that is simply what this amazing piece of software does.

I insist to my customers that to be successful at Click Flipping, you must have this product, period.

Thanks for letting my customers beta test the software, they are all having a blast and telling me how easy it is just to push the button and earn!

Please don't sell this to masses!

Scott Boulch
Nada Guru
creator "ClickFlipping.com", author "The Death of Adsense"




What you've put together in UnderCover profits is nothing short of a miracle. This is the missing link that most affiliate marketers have been missing, and the simplicity of how your service handles such a complex task is refreshing!

I plugged in keywords for a handful of topics, waited several days and came back, and just like you predicted, I found 3 affiliate programs that I could predicably and profitably profit RIGHT THEN.

I'm stunned at how easy you've made this!

Kirt Christensen




I can't believe the data I got out of Undercover Profits!

I'm involved in the education market and was looking for profitable affiliate programs, as the ones I was promoting were breaking even at best. I uploaded my list to UP (Undercover Profits) and left them alone for 30 days. When I reviewed my data, I was so excited as I found an opportunity to test them out. I took the advertisers ad and slightly improved it. I had a 2x conversion the first week!

I've since pulled HUNDREDS of keywords from many markets and I'm running them all in UP at this time. Making money with UP is like taking candy from a baby.


Keith Baxter


Real Results From Real Users


As you can see on the sides of the page, everyday users just like you are flipping out over Undercover Profits.


The best part is… many beta users started making money the first week!


Income Quadrupled!



I've spent a couple years trying to find a way to build an income online. Like you, I have read countless e-books, dove head-first into programs with high promises, and have felt much frustration. No matter what I did, I found my profitably to waiver depending on the day.

Even with all the information I learned, I still did a lot of guess work.

Now, with UnderCover Profits, the guess work has been taken out. I was amazed on how easy the program is to use... and how much information you can find out!


Dear Lord, I was shocked!


UnderCover Profits has been the bridge between my frustrations and my success online. With the information this system provides, anyone can clearly see how to make money in a hurry. Within one month, my income increased from $300 to $1500... and continually growing today.


In any business, information wins. With UnderCover Profits, you have information that directly tells you how to be successful. My goal for next month is $6000 in profit. Not bad for an hour a day and someone with little computer experience.


Try UnderCover Profits and take the guess work out of your business!


Isaac Oswalt

517 304 0308


$500 A Week!


Hi John,


“I've only spent a couple hours using UnderCoverProfits the last couple weeks and the results are keeping me up at night.  In this short time I'm already making over $500/week.  This software has made quitting my day job a reality.  Thanks John!


p.s.  This is an absolutely essential tool for affiliate marketers at all levels.  There's nothing else like this on the market right now.  You will make more money in less time then you ever thought possible.  But beware, side effects include sleepless nights :)”


-Joe Gaines

St Paul, MN



$1200 In 1 Week!


“First off, Congratulation and thank you for letting us beta test Undercover Profits. I'm having a blast. This is one of the most powerful and easy to use programs ever! UP goes perfectly with Click Flipping.

I'm currently running 3 campaigns that are in profit (I've tested about a dozen), all with Click Bank. I started off all three campaigns with $50 a day but soon had to increase one of the campaigns to $150 a day. I was able to pinpoint which variations of the key phrase was making money and which was bleeding money using Scott's Click Flipping. Long story short, those campaigns are still running and I'm still making money off of them. I've never seen my Click Bank account above the $1000 mark before, I'm talking the total amount of two years I've had this account. It is now at just above $1200 and I'm only 7 days into it!

This is like taking Candy from a baby. No, this is better than that. This is tantamount to knowing the address of all the Day care centers in the world, going there, and taking candy from all those babies. LOL”

Harry Nguyen


Undercover Profits Is NOT For Everybody

First of all, Undercover Profits is a tool for people who have experience in affiliate marketing. It’s not for complete newbies. Once you see the power of the system, you’ll see it solves the problems of:

·         Finding which affiliate programs are selling consistently and profitably

·         Uncovering the keywords that produce the goods, and which ones don’t

·         The exact ads with proven pulling power

But, you’ve got to know what to do with that information.

I mean, yeah ... it would be great to get all that money, but this is a tool, not a mentoring program.

So, if you’re a wet behind the ears, raw rookie to Internet Marketing, this tool is way over your head.

Another reason Undercover Profits isn’t for everybody is because it takes a special type of person to really "get it" when it comes to our system.

In fact,

Please Don’t Join Us Unless You
Meet This Criteria:

You must be serious about your internet marketing success.

You Must Be A Positive Person

You see, to me, internet marketing is serious business. Therefore, when bad things happen, you don't whine or cry about how tough it is.

You fix it and move on. (And hopefully, you end up becoming MORE profitable from what you discover in the process.)

Like any business, there are ups and downs. And your ultimate success is not about what happens to you. It's about what you put into it.

It's this mindset that made smart marketers PROFIT during the recent Google Slap while so many other negative thinkers went broke.

And it's this mindset that will MAKE YOU MONEY -  if you let it.

Since very few people will be allowed in, I want to make sure positive thinkers get preference, and I don’t want people emailing me excuses and complaining because they aren’t making any money. (Even though it’s right there in front of them…)


You're going to be getting more in-depth information about the top selling affiliate programs, keywords and ads than you could get anywhere on the planet.

Plus, you're bypassing weeks of intensive research and experimentation it takes to discover this on your own.

So it's very important that you USE the tool we give you. After all, even the greatest tool in the world won’t make you money unless you use it.

Put it to work for you and watch your bottom line soar as a result of it.

If you're not willing to do that, this is not for you.

You Must Already Own or Know the Techniques In at Least One of -

*        Life After AdSense

*        Click Flipping

*        Affiliate Project X

*        Google Cash

*        Day Job Killer

*        AdWords Black Book

*        The Definitive Guide To AdWords

Like I said earlier, Undercover Profits isn’t for newbies. You need to understand pay per click to profit from this information. If you don’t have the knowledge, you don’t have a chance, so why take up someone else’s spot. It just wouldn’t be fair.

If you don’t have one of these programs, you’re wasting your money because you won’t truly understand the concepts you need to take advantage of the power of Undercover Profits. If you don’t own one of these programs, I can only make an exception if you get one before signing up.

And while you probably meet these criteria (otherwise you wouldn't still be reading), that doesn't mean you automatically get in because...

Only A Limited Number Of
Users Can Join Us


Here’s where it gets sticky. You see, if everybody had this information, it would lose much of its power. That’s always the way it works. Sure, there are lots of niches and lots of keywords out there. It doesn’t pay to have a scarcity mindset, not at all.


But when it comes down to it, I’d rather have a small number of people in the group because:


  • Users won’t be stepping on each others toes often (sure it’s unavoidable, but I’m minimizing it up front)
  • A serious core group of users will make more money because non-users can’t compete against them fast enough
  • Less users means more opportunities for a nucleus of committed profit seekers
  • And (selfishly) I get a chance to more fully impact the lives and boost peoples standard of living if I keep the group smaller


I actually care about my users cracking the code to easier profits. Limiting the size of the user group is the only way I can do that.



One Campaign Will Easily Pay For Under Cover Profits!


Real Life Scenario 1:

You're paying an average of $0.14 per click and you're getting about 100 clicks a day from a 1.2% CTR (click through rate). That's a $14 cost per day on AdWords.

If the product is mediocre and converting at 1% (many products convert much better than this), you're going to have 1 conversion per day on those 100 clicks.

If the product you're promoting is a $67 product paying a 50% commission (very normal), then you're making $33 per sale.

$14 spent to make $33 = $19 in profits.

$19 in daily profits adds up to $570 in 30 days.

Real Life Scenario 2:

Your average cost per click is $0.08 and you're getting around 200 clicks per day from a 2.1% CTR. That's $16 in ad spend on AdWords.

If the product (again, a mediocre conversion) converts at 1% you're going to sell about 2 products each day. If it's a $36 ebook paying $50%, you're making about $17 per sale, or $34 per day.

$16 spent to make $34 is $18 in profits per day, or $540 a month.

Real Life Scenario 3:

You're paying $0.10 per click on average and are getting 350 clicks per day from a 2% CTR. You spend $35 per day on these clicks.

Again, a 1% conversion rate would yield 3.5 conversions per day. If the product is $40 paying 50% commission you're making about $19 per commission (don't forget to subtract transaction costs, that's why it's not $20 per commission) which yield $66 per day in commissions.

Spend $35 in clicks to make $66.50 per day = $31.50 in profit each day and $945 for a months "work."

These are all conservative numbers.

I've seen quite a few products where I was paying around $0.06 per click, getting 400 clicks a day, selling a $40 product where they were paying 75% commissions and their conversion rate was between 1.5-2% At 1.5% conversions, it's 6 conversions making me $28 each (gross profit of $168 per day) with an ad cost of $24. That adds up to an amazing $4320 a month!


Miss Out Now… You May NEVER Get In!


So… do you qualify, and are you with us?


If you’re dead serious about making a living from internet marketing, or at least a hefty second income, then your mind should be made up by now. Let’s face it, your only questions should be… “How Much” and “When Can I Start?”


Let’s cover the cost first, by now you have to be wondering if you can afford Undercover Profits… but your question should be “How can I NOT afford it!”


Listen, one of my beta users emailed me (Glenn Bowman, his email is on the right hand side bar) and said he had been studying internet marketing for 3 years. So far, he spent over $15,000 on ebooks, DVD’s, courses and software that takes up 7 bookcases!


Still, he never made a dime… that is… before Undercover Profits.


After joining our beta group, he’s finally profiting!


I’m sure if you’re like most marketers, you’ve spent a small fortune learning the ropes, another pile of money on wasted ads and you’re wondering how people actually make money on the internet.


It all comes down to this. Right now, if you meet the qualifications to join our small, elite group, you have almost everything you need to make money NOW. The only thing you’re missing is the surefire data you’ll get from Undercover Profits!


So, I’m going to make this easy for you. I’m not out to get rich with this service. In fact, I built it for myself.


So, after a lot of mental gymnastics, I decided on…




That’s right. Membership in Undercover Profits costs $291 per month. When you break it down, that’s a measly $9.70 a day.


Let me ask you a question…


How many times have you wasted $9.70 today?


When it comes to ineffective marketing, $9.70 is a drop in the bucket.


It’s less than the cost of 29 clicks on a 31 cent keyword.


It’s less than the cost of the “ebook of the day.”


It’s MUCH less than the opportunity costs suffered because you don’t know what to do NEXT…


When you think about it, $9.70 just isn’t very much at all.


But when you invest it wisely with Undercover Profits… it will change your life.


It’s nothing compared to the value of knowing what affiliate programs make cash … consistently.


It’s nothing compared to knowing which keywords will show you the money.


It’s nothing when you crack the code and achieve high click through rates instantly because you model the ads that actually convert.


And for sure it’s nothing when you’re experiencing the thrill of finally seeing money pouring into your bank account (instead of the other way around…)


And, if you doubt the value, all you need to do is take a look at the comments from beta users that surround this letter. If you doubt everything I just told you isn’t 100% true, then please LEAVE NOW and save the spot for someone who “get’s it.”


But, if you’re someone who’s excited and willing to take action, you’re the kind of person I want to join the group.


You’ll be very glad you did.


In fact, I’m so sure (if you meet the qualifications above) that this is your turning point; I’m going to go out on a limb and prove that Undercover Profits is everything I said it was…


John’s Personal Guarantee To You

Just For Trying Undercover Profits:


Here's how it works...

Join today by clicking the order button below. You'll get instant access to Undercover Profits and a step-by-step quickstart guide.

Then, add your own keywords... up to 1500 of them. Then, monitor your pathways to profit for the next 7 days... the affiliate programs, the keywords that make money, the winning ads.

If you don't see with your own eyes and feel it is your answer, sense it deep down in your gut, that you FINALLY have the information you need to make real, tangible profits... send me an email. I'll send you an instant refund. If you can't make easy money with Undercover Profits, I'd prefer we part as friends and I can give your slot to the next person on the waiting list.


Now, you may be wondering why I’m “only” offering a 7 day guarantee. It isn’t because I’m not confident it works… not at all.


There is one simple reason.


I don’t want to attract the kind of person who will take 30 days of this valuable information to the bank… then ask for a refund so they get the data for free. People with this mentality never make it in internet marketing. They don’t make it in life. Since reliable data takes longer to get, I’ll let the leeches suck away 7 days of this info… but that’s it. Simple as that.


But, the beauty and power of Undercover Profits system will be easy to judge in just 7 days.


So, if you’re just not sure because of all the products you’ve bought that didn’t live up to their promises… one week is all you’ll need before you’re a raving fan… because Undercover Profits really delivers on it’s promise.


All you have to do is give it a shot…


After the first month, you can cancel at anytime.


Naturally, you’ve seen what this can do, so if you’re ready to get started, click on the button below and get started right now.


UnderCoverProfits is no longer available. When we realized that UnderCoverProfits was no longer the best Adwords spy tool, it became time to stop selling it. Currently the best Adwords spy tool is AdSpy Elite. We fully endorse it as the best spy tool available today.



All the best,



John Jonas


P.S. You know how utterly futile it can feel to discover this information on your own. And we both know how many products don't live up to their promises. That's why you get to try Under Cover Profits risk-free and see with your own eyes how you can quickly bypass all of the frustrating trial and error it takes to find a winner.

The more you use it, the more money you'll make. Obviously, grabbing a big slice of the online profit pie is what got you into online marketing in the first place. Right?

So, go ahead... make life easier on yourself and make the investment that forces you to cash in on your dreams.

You've got nothing to lose!


UnderCoverProfits is no longer available. When we realized that UnderCoverProfits was no longer the best Adwords spy tool, it became time to stop selling it. Currently the best Adwords spy tool is AdSpy Elite. We fully endorse it as the best spy tool available today.

All I can say is WOW. This is too easy.

This is the ultimate competitive advantage. I was able to hone in on a market in 3 days, swipe the ad and start making money.

It was as easy as going to clickbank and getting a product.

I have a 2:1 earning to spend ratio with the very first campaign that I ran with this new adwords intelligence tool. To the programmer this is the tool that I have been waiting for.

Testing and tracking is the phase after you do your competitive research to figure out where the targeted traffic is coming from.

Actually...it was as easy as cut and paste, throw up an i-frame and cut on the traffic.

Also this allows me to hone in on profitable traffic from the very beginning of the campaign and cuts down the time that I have to wait to get into profits.

This is a great tool and a serious leg up on the competition.

-David Bullock www.davidbullock.net

This software ROCKS.

I spent 3 months trying to find profit pathways using click flipping software. I could see that the concept for clickflipping was great.....but I just couldn't find the right offer to promote. I bought your software and within 24 hours I had found a profit pathway. I was surprised and thought that maybe it was just lucky. Within another 24 hours I had made even more profit. After 2 days I had made 298% return on my Adwords outlay. WOW!!

And it was so easy. Soooooo easy. Just run your software. Click and paste to set up a campaign. And watch the profits come in.... I just used the data in the list that you left in our account. I outlayed $22.73 in Adwords and made $90.52 in commissions from Clickbank. I work that out at 298% return over 2 days!

Thanks for saving my clickflipping career. I was almost going to quit with affiliate marketing and go back to Adsense....hehe not any more......

PS...Day 5 the profit pathway that I identified in the first 24 hours is still making money.....today outlaid $48 on adwords to make $154!! That's $106 profit on 48 bucks outlay....Still happy with that return!!

-David Cannell RambaReview.com

Hi John,

Under Cover Profits is fun. :-)

I can't imagine finding profitable niche markets could be any easier - I simply plugged in a randomly generated keyword list and a few days later, Under Cover Profits has identified 413 affiliate campaigns running on Google that I can now join and rake in the dough from! Knowing not only the affiliate programs & products that are bringing in profit but the actual keywords and even ad text for each of these is like a license for printing money. I've found some of the most innocuous, weird things that other smart affiliate are profiting from, and now I'm going to join them! It doesn't get any easier than Under Cover Profits.

-Michelle MacPhearson badderadder.com

Thank You, John!

Under Cover Profits has truly opened my eyes to the new world of unlimited income. When I first joined your site I immediately uploaded several hundred general keywords into the system just like you recommended. Within a few days your software started revealing profitable affiliate campaigns in areas I wouldn't have thought of in a hundred years!

After about a week I started setting up some campaigns. Below is a screenshot of the Clickbank stats for these campaigns:

Now I realize these figures aren't as impressive as other figures being touted on the internet these days...but that income is only from a few campaigns. And I still have 10 days to go in this pay period. It's February 6th as I write this.

The coolest part is after letting your software run for about two weeks now, I have literally hundreds of other possible winning campaigns to implement. Not to mention increasing my existing campaigns' profitablity with better keyword selection, ad split testing and launching out into other PPC networks...I'm only using one right now.

So needless to say, I'm thrilled as your product lives up to it's claims and 2007 is looking very bright indeed!

-Ken Barnes - Cape Coral, Florida domainnamehints.com

My name is AM Khan and I am a full time internet marketer. This system is simply amazing.

I've already plugged in 8 Adwords campaign within 3 days and my CTR is literally flying off the radar.

I can't wait to roll out 8-10 campaigns per day to make massive profits.

-AM Khan

When I first saw Under Cover Profits I honestly thought it was too good to be true. It just seemed far to easy.

Now that I've had time to use the software I can categorically say that this system works... Probably too well.

As they say the proof is in the pudding...

I thought I would really test the system out by going for a niche I had previously tried but failed miserably in. In fact last time I went in to this niche I didn't make a single sale and had a ridiculously low CTR on my ads. It's a pretty competitive niche and so had spent a good amount of $$'s in the process before exiting and feeling beaten.

With Under Cover Profits under my belt I was hoping things would be different this time...

I monitored a small selection of focused keywords in Under Cover Profits and got the following data back after 7 days:

For Keyword 1: 1 Aff Ad showing up 7 out of 7 days at average position 6.29 - profitability score: 100

For Keyword 2: 1 Aff Ad showing up 5 out of 7 days at average position 1.20 - profitability score: 71

For Keyword 3: 1 Aff Ad showing up 4 out of 7 days at average position 1.0 - profitability score: 57

For Keyword 4: 2 Aff Ads showing up 1 out of 7 days at average position 8 & 10 - profitability score: 14

The rest of the keywords I monitored reported no affiliate ads for them (At this point I was starting to see why I failed the last time I tried this niche).

3 of the above 4 keywords had affiliate ads for the exact same product. I could see that this product must be the one others were have success with and so I chose to promote it. (I've never picked which product to promote so quickly and with total confidence!)

Next all I had to do was setup the AdWords campaign using the keywords that had ads showing up on them 5+ days out of 7 and point the ads to the winning product I found.

I know I should be smart and setup a pre-sell landing page at this point but just for speed I went for the good old Google Cash direct linking method.

I still posed one problem though. My Ad copy last time I was in this niche sucked and my CTR was miserable. So to avoid this pitfall this time round I simply looked at the top affiliate ads for this product in the Under Cover Profits data and copied them. When its this easy you can't help it! ;)

Well 48 hours later and I'm greeted with 116 clicks, 1,791 impressions, a 6.47% CTR, average CPC of $0.20, average position of 5.5 and finally a total ad spend of $23.36.

Not a huge amount of traffic or spend for 48 hours but remember I'm only using 2 keywords here. I can easily expand on this later using Under Cover Profits. I wanted to just quickly test the niche out first.

When I checked my sales stats I was astounded to find out I had made my two sales in this niche... a niche I had struggled to make any sales in before!

The 2 sales brought in $66.66

So that works out at a profit of $43.30 which is a 185.36% ROI!

Don't forget this is in a niche I failed at terribly the previous time and was going to abandon forever.

These small steps have shown me exactly what Under Cover Profits can do for you. It takes all the guess work out for you. From now on I can expect to find profit pathways with much more frequency than ever before.

What's more is it really is as easy as it sounds. You put your keywords in and just days later get back highly valuable data:

* Which keywords affiliates are CONSISTENTLY advertising on. * The most promising products they are promoting. * What ad copy is producing the best CTR. * What position your ads should be averaging which helps you figure out what you CPC should be.

This is everything you would normally spend a lot of lost advertising dollars on trying the find out for yourself. With Under Cover Profits you can quite literally 'piggy back' on other affiliates so they end up doing all the hard work for you whilst you save all your cash and energy!

This really is unfair. But I like it! ;)

To sum it up: Under Cover Profits is a must have tool for any serious Google Adwords affiliate marketer. Period. You've got a goldmine of a product here John.

Kind regards,

-Mike Grzywacz
Surrey, England

Hi John,

Under Cover Profits is every astonishing thing you said it would be, and more.

I started with 230 keywords from a list of 1543 that I had already researched. Under Cover Profits made it a snap to find that 72 of these keywords had affiliate ads running every day for five days, meaning that the advertisers must be making money. I wanted to focus on Clickbank products for this pass. And again, Under Cover Profits made it a snap to see which keywords were advertised day after day with a Clickbank link.

I chose a candidate, found about 30 related keyword phrases for it and ran this list back through Under Cover Profits to see which phrases were advertised consistently. I found Clickbank ads on 13 of these phrases for another five days in a row. I almost felt guilty when I saw the data Under Cover Profits delivered. It was like looking over the shoulders of our competitors while they set up their campaigns!

Yesterday I cranked up the Adwords campaign and had a sale within an hour. I'm still making sales today. The Click- Thru-Rate on this group of 13 keyword phrases is a whopping 25.5%. Never have I seen such results so fast, and never has it been this easy.

Obviously, I'm just getting started but I wanted to get these early results back to you now. John, I think you've created a moneymaking blockbuster. Under Cover Profits is not only a work of unmistakable genius; it's apparently the first and only tool for finding profitable products and keywords without all the cash-burning trial-and-error. At last we can see serious income on the near horizon. Thank you for building Undercover Profits and letting us participate.

-Bob Bridges MillerBridges Partners


Wow!!... Under Cover Profits is amazing! I've been using it now for just the past 5 days and it's already transformed my pay-per-click affiliate marketing into an ATM machine. Ever since the Google Jaeger update, which destroyed my Adsense empire a couple of years ago, I've been searching for a sure-fire way to extract profits from online marketing.

I've literally tried hundreds of programs (and spent way more than I would ever care to confess) to get my business back on track. I've tried pay-per-click marketing on and off over the years, but never was really able to make it work...until now!

I'm truly amazed at how easy and effective Under Cover Profits is. Anyone...and I mean anyone...can make money with this laser targeted profit weapon. I started tracking a number of niche markets a week and half ago. I let Under Cover Profits do its thing and quickly identified 6 markets that looked good. On February 1st, 2007 I decided to test 4 to get started.

I grabbed the keyword phrases that I'd been tracking in Under Cover Profits and noted the ads that were indicated to be sure winners and loaded them up into Adwords. It took me about 10 minutes to set up since I was simply importing what was already working.

I got up the next morning and logged into my Adwords account. I had spent slightly less than $20. Next, I logged into ClickBank and to be honest I was a bit leery...I'd been down this road before. To my utter surprise, I found $47.50 in commissions earned by 8:00 am that morning. I went on to earn roughly $90 at the end of my second day and spent $35 to get it.

It's now February 6, 2007, and I have 9 Adwords campaigns running, all of which were pulled from Under Cover Profits. Thus far, I've spent $381 and earned $661...in just over 5 days!!! That may not seem like a lot, but 174% profit is simply outstanding and way more than I've ever earned with PPC marketing before. Plus, here's the amazing thing...I am only using 1-2 keywords in each campaign!!!

Also, I've been testing a few campaigns that I've spent money on, but haven't converted just yet. If I take the ones out that aren't converting thus far, I am earning a 316% profit.

I loaded 67 more markets into Under Cover Profits and fully expect to turn up the volume on my PPC marketing and more importantly my profits. That's an amazing accomplishment in my book and much better than I was ever able to do trying to figure things out on my own.

The simple truth is that I found what I've been looking for. Under Cover Profits is easily one of the best online marketing products I've EVER seen. It's a GPS system for making money online. I'm attaching screenshots of my Adwords account and my ClickBank earnings as proof of what Under Cover Profits has helped me to achieve. Thanks John...


It's now 11:00 pm on the same day that I started writing this note to you. That's about 14 hours later than when I finished it. My earnings are now up to $906.88 on a PPC spend of $575.46. I had a very big day today!

In an Email a Few Days Later -

Great. Thanks...my earnings keep going up. Pushing $900 in net profit in my first 10 days!!!

-Craig Cowman

Hi John,

Under Cover Profits is Gold.

So far from all my test campaigns I am making 62% return on my Adwords costs.

I have one campaign that converts at 5% and has made me a cash on cash return of 750%.

This is like stealing lolly pops from babies!

This rocks.

-Nathan Thomson
Western Australia

Hi John,

I must say the Under Cover Profits is simply great.

My profitable campaigns on AdWords have literally exploded. I'm hesitant to mention profits here, because I simply don't want any more people to have this simple, easy to use system.

My profits use to be in the $100's each month, but now I see them in the $1,000's.

-Ted Hanson

Hey John,

I just had to write you this to let you know...

Under Cover Profits is amazing! PLEASE don't release this product to the public! Can't we just keep this whole thing a secret?

Here's a quick recap of some of the amazing results I've had using this software so far:

You know how finding a profitable product to promote via pay-per-click can be an exercise in frustration - many times only 1 in every 10 to 15 products you select will turn you a profit. Well, with Under Cover Profits, 3 out of the first 4 products I chose turned a profit from day 1! Of those, on 1 of the 3 campaigns I have more than doubled my money, and on the other 2 campaigns I "only" turned a 50% profit!

Bear in mind, these campaigns were set up with direct linking and "straight out if the box" keywords that I just threw into the campaign right out of Under Cover Profits. No pre-sell landing pages, no tweaking, nothing! Imagine how much better things will start to look once I optimize these campaigns? The sky's the limit! And by the way, I am by NO means a PPC expert, so this amazes me even more!

Thanks for a GREAT product, and again, can't we just keep this to ourselves?


-Neil Pappas

Under Cover Profits is fantastic -just set and forget.

All I did was select a couple hundred words. A week later I looked at the results.

It found 9 profitable affilate programs. No need to guess the program. I made profit from day one!!!

I can't wait to see what the results will be in a few months time.

Highly recommend to anyone wanting to make money through pay per click.

-Andrew Brisbane, Australia

Hi John,

I gotta tell you, I just flat out didn't believe you when I first learned of the software that you were releasing. There was no way I could rationalize how anyone in their right mind would ever even think about releasing to the public, a product that did even half of what you claimed it would do.

Then I listened to the call that you guys put together, and couldn't wait to prove that you were full of crap...like most everyone else claiming to have discovered the "missing link" to success with affiliate programs and Adwords.

I, for one, have had ZERO luck playing the affiliate/Adwords game in the past...every campaign has done nothing but cost me money...then I just quit all together.

Anyway, I put my keyword list into the software and actually let it run for a couple weeks before testing out the intel that it returned. I wanted to give myself the best chance of identifying a real winner.

Then, I picked one and basically just copy and pasted the info into my Adwords campaign...using a direct aff link no less...and checked back in about 4 hours. I had spent 21.36 in clicks, and when I looked at my Clickbank stats, I saw that I had 2 conversions for 66.64 in commissions! Almost a 200% return! Unbelievable!

And...I now see why you don't mind releasing it to a few more people. This thing finds enough stuff for an army to promote and never even scratch the surface.

This really is the closest thing to printing money I have ever seen...if you just use it!

You da man!

-Don B. small-business-start .com

This goes wayyyy beyond just finding affiliate ads. It's the single best market research tool in existence.

I'm so excited about the possiblities of tracking every ad whether it's an affiliate ad or not, so I can enter a market knowing what kind of optin page to set up and start building a list.

I think you should charge $10,000 per month for this service.

Many thanks.

-Jigar Banker